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Location: Rivas–Vaciamadrid. Madrid. Spain
Promoter: Rivas–Vaciamadrid City Council
Area: 5945 square meters
Total budget: 5.120.777,00 €
Project drafting: January 2005
Work execution: March 2005-March 2006
Construction company: Constructora Avalos SA
Structures calculation: Sergio Zabala, Architect
Installations calculation: José Ignacio Bustos, Engineer
Geotechnics: Cones SA
Execution direction: Jesús Escartín, Pablo Núñez, Javier García, Foremen Builders

This building was designed by means of a civic participation process, announced by the Rivas-Vaciamadrid City Council, with the intervention of groups from the educational field. In spite of its size, all the educational rooms are aligned around a central playground, which is opened to the outside being the school´s heart, except for the pre-school rooms and playground which are independently organized for pedagogical reasons. In front of this building there is a high-school building; both of them will be integrated in the future, together with a primary education school, creating a School City in the area. The materials used are transparent colored glass for the common areas and protection slats to avoid the direct effect of the sunlight in the working planes. The gym has a jagged roof facing north.